TURBO CHILL low-fin tube with internal ridge

TURBO CHILL was developed as a high performance heat transfer tube for various freezing machines. TURBO CHILL is a low fin tube provided with spiral ridges on the inside. By this, the inside fluid heat transfer capability is remarkably improved in comparison with the former smooth in-tube type tubes. By the effects multiplied mutually by the tube's outside fins and inside spiral ridges a high coefficient for overall heat transfer has been obtained. These have contributed to the reduction in size of various freezing machines.

  • High heat transfer performance
    In comparison with conventional low-fin tubes, the inside heat transfer coefficient of TURBO CHIL was upgraded by more than two times, thus remarkably improving the overall heat transfer coefficient. It is an almighty tube for refrigerators since it ensures improved performance irrespective of which side of the tube, inside or outside, the refrigerant flows. Note that the pressure drop inside the tube is increased a little when compared to low-fin tubes. .
  • Making heat exchangers compact and lightweight
    Due to its superior heat transfer performance compared to low-fin tubes, TURBO CHIL can make heat exchangers compact and lightweight.
  • Wide variety of fin configuration
    Tubes with various fin pitches are available. Furthermore, both tube ends and the land portion on its middle may optionally be left un-finned with its inside having no spiral ridges. This makes it possible to fix the tube onto tube plates in the same way as for smooth tubes.

Turbo refrigerator, absorption type refrigerator and screw refrigerators; heat exchangers for petrochemical plant equipment and boilers.

Type and Range of Products
Material: C1220
Number of fins: 19, 26 fin/inch
Number of ridges: 10, 20 ridges
Outside diameter: 15.88mm , 25.4mm

Heat transfer characteristics
Inside water heat transfer
Outside heat transfer
Outside evaporating heat transfer
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