UV tape is adhesive tape with the property of adhesive force that decreases when irradiated with ultraviolet (UV) light. It is used widely in the processing of delicate semiconductor wafers, for purposes such as protection of wafer surface and fixation on frames for processing. Wafers are fixed in place with certainty by the strong adhesive force of the tape during abrasive cut-off processing, and once processing is complete, the tape can be detached and removed smoothly, mitigating the stress applied on the wafers. This characteristic contributes to quality and yield improvements in semiconductor device manufacturing.
Furukawa Electric’s backgrinding tape is advancing product development in response to technological trends in the semiconductor industry such as increased thinness of semiconductor wafers and higher solder bumping. In addition, dicing tape is being adopted for the fixing of work of various materials apart from semiconductor wafers and packages, such as ceramics, glass and sapphire.

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