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Company Profile

Company Name Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
President Mitsuyoshi Shibata
Founded 1884
Established 1896
Paid-in Capital
(As of March 31, 2016)
¥69,395 million
Net sales
(Years ended March 31, 2016)
¥874,879 million (Consolidated)
¥398,851 million (Non-Consolidated)
Number of Employees
(As of March 31, 2016)
49,826 (Consolidated)
 3,232 (Non-Consolidated)
Head Office Marunouchi Nakadori Bldg., 2-3, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 100-8322, Japan
TEL +81-3-3286-3001

Major Products and Services

  1. Telecommunications
    Optical fiber cables / Metal communication cables / Semiconductor optical devices / Electronic appliance wires / Optical components / Network equipment / Optical fiber cable accessories and installations / CATV system / Radio products, etc.
  2. Energy and Industrial Products
    Copper wires and Aluminum wires / Power transmission cable / Insulated wires / Power transmission cable accessories and installations / Cable conduits / Water-feeding pipe materials / Foam products / UV tapes for semiconductor manufacturing / Electrical Insulation Tape / Electric material products, etc.
  3. Electronics and Automotive Systems
    Automotive components and wiring harness / Magnet wires / Electronic component materials / Heatsinks / Hard disc drive (HDD) aluminum substrates / Battery products, etc.
  4. Metals
    Copper and copper alloy products (plates, strips, pipes, rods, foils, and wires) / Functional surface products (plating)/ Electrodeposited copper foil / Pocessed products for electronic parts / Superconducting products / Special metal materials (Shape-memory and super-elastic alloys), etc.
  5. Services and Others
    Logistics / Information processing service / Software development / Service business (real-estate leasing, hydraulic power generation and so on), etc.

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