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1884 Honjo Copper Smeltery opened. Yamada Cable Works opened.
1896 Yokohama Electric Cable Manufacturing Company established (capital:¥50,000)


1920 Yokohama Electric Cable Manufacturing Company and Nikko Copper Electrolyzing Refinery, previously a subsidiary of Furukawa Kogyo Co., Ltd., consolidated to establish The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (capital:¥20,000,000)
1959 Hiratsuka Cable Works established in Hiratsuka.
1959 Capital tie-up with Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), established Furukawa Aluminum Co., Ltd. and transferred the control of Nikko Mizushiri and Oyama Plants to the established company.
1961 Established and started operations of Chiba Cable Works in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture.
1970 Furukawa Circuit Foil Co., Ltd. established through merger with Yates Industries of U.S. to manufacture electrodeposited copper foil.
1971 Mie Works established in Kameyama-shi, Mie-prefecture.
1972 Furukawa precision Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. established with W.C. Heleus of West Germany to manufacture precision processed products for electronic equipment parts.
1973 Furukawa Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. is formed by merging part of our Factory Division with Furukawa Electric Facility Co.,Ltd., a direct affiliate. This new company is engaged in the construction of overhead power transmission lines and public works.
1974 Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Electricos (FISA) established in cooperation with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in Brazil.
1977 Founded joint venture in Indonesia, P.T. Tembaga Mulia Semanan (TMS), for copper wire rods.
1979 Bangkok Telecom Co., Ltd. established, as a joint venture in Thailand for manufacture of communication cables.
1983 Furukawa Aluminum Fukui Plant established in Fukui Coastal Industrial Zone in Mikuni-cho, Sakai-gun, Fukui prefecture.
1983 Thai Furukawa Unicomm Co., Ltd. established in Thailand for construction work for communications.
1984 Furukawa Electric America established in the U.S. as a sales company for wires and nonferrous metal.
1986 Shainfu Optical Fiber and Cables Company established, through merger with Sian Densen Sho of China for manufacture of optical fiber cables.
1986 FITEL established for manufacture and sales of optical fiber cables.
1987 United Technologies Furukawa established, through merger with UTA of U.S., for manufacture and sales of wire harness for cars.
1988 International Components Technologies Corp. established in U.S.A. for manufacture and sales of memory disc substrates.
1990 Plated Copper Wire Manufacturing Company established in Singapore.
1990 U.S. copper foil manufacturer Yates Industries purchased jointly with Albedo.
1992 Established an optical fiber cable manufacturing and sales company as a joint venture with AT&T in the U.S.
1992 Started the manufacture of electronic wire cables and terminal processing in Indonesia.
1993 Merged with Furukawa Aluminum Co., Ltd.
1995 Established a manufacturing and sales company for automobile parts in the Republic of Korea.
1996 Established a manufacturing and sales company for copper rod in Vietnam.
1996 Established a manufacturing and sales company for automobile parts in Tianjin, China.
1997 Started operations of manufacturing company for high-voltage cross-linked polyethylene power cable in China.
1997 Established an electronics manufacturing subsidiary in Thailand.
1997 Established a merger for automotive harness operations in Hong Kong.
1998 Established Kyusyu Furukawa Denko Co., Ltd. for manufacturing and selling wires and cables.
1999 Canadian subsidiary for manufacturing and sales of optical passive components “JDS FITEL” merged with U.S. company for manufacturing and sales of light-emitting components “UNIPHASE” on equal terms.
1999 Sales subsidiary dealing with electronic component products established in Taiwan.


2000 Established a new sales company for aluminum products with Showa Denko K.K. and Nippon Steel Corporation; both companies stockholders of Sky Aluminum Co., Ltd.
2000 Established a joint venture company with Hitachi Cable, Ltd. for copper tube manufacturing in China.
2001 Established a joint venture company for optical fiber cable manufacturing in Indonesia.
2001 Formed business alliance between Power Cable Division and Fujikura Ltd.
2001 Bought out Lucent Technologies' optical fiber solution business.
2001 New automotive parts company established in Czech Republic.
2002 Established with Mitsui Chemical join forces to produce high power 980nm laser chips.
2002 Established a copper strip manufacturing company in China.
2002 Established a manufacturing and marketing company for reflow oven in Suzhou, China.
2002 Affiliate company established for optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) in Jiangsu, China.
2002 Established with Furukawa Precision Engineering joint company in China to plate connector terminals with precious metals.
2003 Founded Furukawa America Inc. by consolidating three Furukawa sales and marketing companies for optoelectronics products in North America.
2003 Founded a new automotive part company in Indonesia.
2003 Founded Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corporation from the merger of Furukawa's light metals company and Sky Aluminum Co., Ltd.
2003 Began alliance with French corporation, Valeo, for automotive wire harnesses.
2005 Founded Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd. by consolidating industrial electric cable divisions of Furukawa Electric and Furukawa Industrial Cable Co., Ltd.
2005 Agreed upon purchasing Trocellen in Germany,a major company of cross-linked polyolefin foams.
2007 Founds Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. by integrating the automotive parts division.
2007 Adopts the Furukawa Electric Group Philosophy and corporate message.
2008 Merges with subsidiary Furukawa Circuit Foil Co., Ltd.
2009 Establishes an optical fiber manufacturing company in India
2009 Establishes the Next-Generation Power Devices Partnership
2010 US subsidiary OFS Fitel, LLC establishes a manufacturing company for base materials of optical fibers jointly with a Chinese manufacturer
2011 Establishes a manufacturing and sales company of electrodeposited copper foils for lithium ion batteries in Taiwan

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