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02 Electrolytic copper foil

Until products are manufactured

What is electrolytic copper foil?

Generally, copper foil is a foil form of copper less than the thickness of 70µm and there are a rolled copper foil and an electrolytic copper foil. Normally, a rolled copper foil is made by rolling and annealing electrolytic copper continuously and there is a restriction of the length. In contrast, an electrolytic copper foil has no restriction of the length because it is manufactured under the process which is shown below. FURUKAWA ELECTRIC is contributing its energy to manufacturing electrolytic copper foils.
Especially, together with world's top share is obtained for lithium-ion batteries, they are used for flexible printed distributing boards, so their stable performance have been winning approval.

Until an ectrolytic copper foil is manufactured

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2F Until products are manufactured
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