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Why is a personal computer hot?  
The backseat player “Heat release technology”

Interesting “Technology world”


Heat release technology which supports “small and high-performance”

Come to think of it, we own great things without much attention.

Recently, electronic devices have been being downsized. Mobile phones and portable music players are the representative of them and words like “smallest in the world” or “downsizing” can be often seen in commercials. What is more, you can watch TV or play games with them.

This is the boon of the effort of developing technologies. Especially, concerning a diversification of functions, totally different functions like telephones and video games have to be operated precisely. To make it possible, high-precision control technology is required. And it is the absolute requirement that both hardware which makes up circuits and software which controls circuits have to be high-performance. That means complicated circuits and software are needed for complicated performances, and to put them in a small body, it is important to compress it “tightly”. Actually, in such a case, there is a hidden technology.

Electronic devices which are becoming smaller

Condition is same for electronic device's work and human's movement

We have already told that when devices work, heat is generated. Additionally, when a small body has to do a bunch of works quickly, much electricity needs to be run through them, so naturally, heating value becomes big. The same goes for personal computers. To activate complicated and high-performance functions precisely, “cooling” is very important.

In a case everything can be put in a big box like in a desktop computer, it can be easily done by sucking hot air inside from the fan placed behind the computer. But as downsized devices are as full of meat as an egg, there is no room for a cooling fan or for a motor which activates the fan. Therefore, same level of capability is required even when it is compact.



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