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Environment-friendly Next generation technology “superconductivity cable”

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“Superconductivity technology” with very small electricity loss

“Superconductivity technology” can solve various problems because it conducts electricity easily.

In many cases, power plants are in distant places. That's because a generator itself needs a big space. Therefore, “the way to carry electricity” is necessary. However, some portion of electricity is lost along the way because of the electricity resistance, as stated earlier. Actually, with currently used power cables, 5% of electricity which was generated in power plants is lost before it arrives at destinations.

On the other hand, in a superconductivity status, most of the electricity resistance disappears. That is; because ”the way easy to go through” is made, the transmission loss can be reduced if cables can be put into the superconductivity status. And it becomes unnecessary to generate in expectation of the loss.

Also, as it has advantages of non-resistance and being able to carry smoothly, “it isn't restrained by the distance”. Power plants are far away from places like Tokyo where a lot of electricity is used, so the loss along the way becomes big. That is, “there is a lot of waste”. However, if the cables are replaced to superconductivity power cables, nothing is lost along the way no matter how far the distance is and the pressure needed to send away is unnecessary. Electricity can be saved by just that much, which means that there is “no loss”. The bottom line is, it is “the prevention of global warming”.

Copper cable

Superconductivity cable



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