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Wireless electric power transmission technology

Our wireless electric power transmission technology is possible to configure electric power transmission electrode with thin and flexible conductive material and intended to contribute to the design improvement, downsizing and weight reduction of the equipment to be mounted the electrode.

In addition, downsizing of the transmission section and receiving section is possible by using higher frequency in the transmission system, and it can contribute to the downsizing and weight reduction of the entire wireless charging system.

Currently, we have succeeded in 1 kW of electric power transmission by using the electrode of approximately 200 mm square (Aluminum, less than 200 g of weight). (transmission distance: more than 50 mm, transmission efficiency: higher than 90%, transmission frequency: 27.12 MHz)


  • Low heat generation in the electric power transmission due to the voltage drive. (electric field resonance method)
  • Light weight, low cost and easy installation due to the transmission and receiving with the simple flat plate electrode.
  • Improved fuel consumption due to the weight reduction.
  • Safety (No heat induction is caused to foreign metal bodies.)


Comparison with another method

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