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HV Rectangular Wire

The HV rectangular wire is ideal for the high-voltage drive motor winding wire used to such as EV and HV. The wire achieves high heat resistance, high withstanding voltage and high space factor, as a result, and contributes to the high output and downsizing of motors.

HV rectangular wire has a hybrid structure formed by an extruded super-engineering plastic layer on the enameled rectangular wire. Due to the high insulation property, it can be applied for the high voltage drive and interlayer insulating paper can be omitted. Therefore, it contributes to omission of a process and downsizing of equipment. Furthermore, due to the high space factor of the rectangular shape capable, higher efficiency and weight reduction are possible. Then, by applying high heat resistant enameled layer to the first coating, it has excellent performance in heat resistance and reliability.

Structure of Rectangular Wire

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