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Latent heat storage unit

In the automotive field, aiming the reduction of CO2 emissions, improvement of fuel consumption and electricity consumption are proceeding. Especially energy used for driving is only approximately 30% of the entire fuel consumption; most of the rest is dissipated as heat. Therefore, to reuse the heat which has been released so far, the heat storage technology is important. We have been introducing a system utilizing a latent heat storage material, and we have been promoting the development to improve fuel consumption and electricity consumption by warming up an engine and oil using the heat storage material.

The heat of the high temperature cooling water, which is generated in normal driving, is stored to the heat storage unit, and the day after, the heat is used for preheating of the engine and oil at the time of starting. Hereby, the unit contributes to the improvement of the fuel consumption.

Latent heat storage unit for oil warm up.
Latent heat storage unit for oil warm up.


  • Latent heat can be maintained even at a low temperature of 20℃.
  • The heat can be taken at necessary timing.

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