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Quasi-millimeter-wave band pulse ladar “Surrounding Surveillance Rader”

Relative movement, distance and angle of a body in vicinity (~0 m) to middle/ far (~100 m) can be measured.

Based on Pulsed Doppler processed distance and relative velocity information, high separation performance can be obtained, therefore the radar can cope with a complex road conditions caused by on coming vehicles, parallel running vehicles, pedestrians and roadside objects.

Using the array antenna technology, extraction of angle information and suppression of interference wave are implemented.

Because of the radio system, even during bad weather, a backward obstacle and a blind spot obstacle are able to be detected. Therefore, the radar is highly expected as an effective sensor to insure the safety of the vehicle.

Based on vehicle information (CAN), application is switched in driving.


  • The radar conforms to ISM band (quasi millimeter wave/24 GHz) and can be used in anywhere in the world.
  • Based on Pulsed Doppler processing, targets separation performance is high and the radar can cope with a complex road conditions.
  • Even though some obstacles such as parked vehicles are in the vicinity, the radar is hardly influenced.
  • Based on the high sensitivity design, a bicycle and a pedestrian can be detected.

Surrounding Surveillance Rader
Surrounding Surveillance Rader

Application example
Application example

Application example of
the Surrounding Surveillance Rader.

Application example of the Surrounding Surveillance Rader

Principle equation of the pulse radar.
PPrinciple equation of the pulse radar

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