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Expanding the Future of Humans and the Earth! Core Technologies for the Next-Generation Automobiles

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Super tough wires

Automobiles consume electric energy in a variety of purposes such as lighting, power window, and car stereo. If this electric energy were supplied by the battery, it would run out in an instant. For this reason, modern automobiles generate electricity onboard when their engine is running. The generator to charge the battery is called alternator.

A part of energy generated by the engine is converted into alternating current electric energy, which in turn converted (i.e., rectified) into direct current. Sometimes, a rectifier is included in the name of alternator.

SuperToughness wire is used in the coil of an alternator. Because its surface has high strength, it is more resistant, when compared with conventional enamel wires, against possible damage due to compression and molding during coil fabrication.

As the result, the conductor space factor in the motor core can be increased, so that a higher output is obtained for a motor of the same size, while a smaller size for the same output.

photo of SuperToughness wire for alternators
SuperToughness wire for alternators


  • Size reduction
  • Output increase

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