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The battery dedicated to idling reduction vehicles.
ECHNO IS UltraBattery (The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd.)

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Recently, use conditions for batteries mounted on environment-compatible vehicles that are actively developed and put into the marketplace, such as idling-stop vehicles, mild hybrid vehicles(Note 1), and regenerating-brake vehicles, are considerably changing in that the number of engine starts increases, that they are frequently used in rather insufficiently charged conditions due to power generation suppression in the alternator, along with operation in the motor-assist mode, and that the charging is conducted by large current pulses resulting from the regenerating brake system.

Conventional lead-acid batteries can not cope well with such use conditions, suffering from the disadvantages of short service life. In contrast, the Ultra Battery, in which ultra-capacitors are hybridized with the negative electrode in an electrode-level manner, with its lead-acid battery taking care of "energy" while the ultra-capacitors dealing with "pulsed power", makes it possible, unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, to cope with such use conditions.

(Note 1) Mild hybrid vehicle
Hybrid vehicles come in two types of strong hybrid (power-split hybrid) and mild hybrid (mild parallel hybrid). In a strong hybrid, motor and engine are used to drive in the most efficient output distribution. It promises significant fuel consumption improvements, but the mechanism becomes complex, and the motor and engine tend to be large in size. In contrast, in a mild hybrid, motors are used to assist the engine during acceleration. The main driving force always comes from the engine, while the role of the motor is limited to support the engine, so that they have the advantage of simple mechanism, short development period, and small-sized motor and batteries.

photo of ECHNO IS Ultra Battery
The battery dedicated to idling reduction vehicles.
ECHNO IS UltraBattery 12 V

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