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Battery status sensors

Currently, development of SOC detecting function and development of SOH, SOF detecting function for seal-type batteries have been completed, and SOH, SOF detecting function is in development.

Development of SOC, SOF detection functions, based on the test results, has been completed and the mass production has been started. For now, automatic detection of battery capacity (SOH) based on a model learning, furthermore, detection of charging rate (SOC) based on the detection result of deteriorated battery capacity are in development. Thereby, to cope with any of the battery in a globalization and to detect the severe battery environment (deterioration) in improvement of fuel consumption, we have been in development aiming to contribute to the improvement of the vehicle system.

Prototyped sensor
Prototyped sensor


  • Interior status can be measured at arbitrary timing, making it less susceptible to vehicle conditions.
  • Using our unique algorithm, the SOC, SOH, and SOF are accurately measured.
  • The SOC of liquid electrolyte batteries can also be measured, which was conventionally regarded to be difficult.
  • Battery status can be detected without battery information from the vehicle side.
Detection accuracy in development
Item Estimated accuracy
SOC 5%
SOF 0.3V
SOH 10%

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