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Reflective boards for in-vehicle lighting and instrument panels “MCPET”

Reflective sheet for interior illumination and instrument panel “MCPET” As the movement for carbon oxide reduction is accelerated to alleviate global warming, there is a rapid increase of using LEDs for interior illumination in automobiles. Although the use of LEDs is very effective for energy saving, it raises two problems to be solved such that irregularity in illuminance is often generated and that the number of lamps has to be increased to heighten the illuminance. MCPET can solve these two problems involved with the use of LEDs.

MCPET softens when heated allowing for recycling. It can reduce weight in comparison with metal reflectors. When formed three dimensionally, it can be used as a reflective sheet with higher efficiency.

MCPET has thus far obtained a high reputation in the sign board and general illumination business, but we plan to expand the business to the automobile industry. Use of MCPET in the back of interior lamps and instruments effectively promotes illuminance increase and energy saving.


  • MCPET is a microcellular foamed sheet of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
  • The reflectivity is higher than 99%, the stiffness is appropriate for forming, and thermal forming is possible.
  • Its raw material is more heat resistant than ordinary PET, so that it is applicable to reflectors for LEDs and incandescent lamps.
  • The high reflectivity allows for reduction of LEDs, significantly cutting power consumption.
  • Since its diffusion reflectivity is high, it can be used to eliminate the irregularity of brightness due to LEDs.
  • Taking into the advantage of the fine bubbles, plating is possible on the surface. By implementing the LED, it can be a circuit integrated reflector.

Photo of Formed MCPET
Formed MCPET

Photo of Stamped MCPET
Stamped MCPET

Photo of Formed Circuit integrated reflector
Circuit integrated reflector

Photo of LED lighting
LED lighting

Comparison of reflectivity before and after forming
Comparison of reflectivity before and after forming

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