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Expanding the Future of Humans and the Earth! Core Technologies for the Next-Generation Automobiles

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Aluminum shield harnesses for HEV

One of the technological tasks for wire harnesses (Note 1) for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles is electromagnetic shielding. A large current is needed to drive a propulsion motor, but the current also generates strong electromagnetic waves. To keep the electromagnetic waves from having adverse effects on other measuring instruments and peripheral electronic equipment, it becomes necessary to suppress their effects. This way of reducing the effects of electromagnetic waves is called shielding. Conventionally, copper braided shield was used for electromagnetic shielding, but since the specific gravity of copper is 8.9, this leads to an increase in weight. In this product presented here, aluminum having a specific gravity of 2.7 is used in an effort to reduce the weight.

(Note 1) Wire harness
A wire assembly which supplies electricity for operating electronic equipment, or transmits signals for controlling.


  • Reduced weight
  • Low in radiation noise

photo of Aluminum braided shield
Aluminum braided shield

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