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Expanding the Future of Humans and the Earth! Core Technologies for the Next-Generation Automobiles

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Foamed air ducts (formed product of FoamAce)

This is an air duct for automobiles, forming processed from a cross-linked polyethylene foam (FoamAce) sheet.

The development concept of next-generation automobiles focuses on fuel consumption improvement, CO2 emission reduction, safety, and security. Foamed air duct has superior heat insulating property in addition to significant weight reduction, contributing to advanced heat management indispensable to next-generation automobiles. Heat insulation becomes indispensable for not only cooling but also heating in next-generation automobiles, and the foamed air duct is effective for the both.

In a quiet cabin due to the absence of internal-combustion engines, one may feel uncomfortable about the noise from the air-conditioner. But using this air duct, the noise from the air exit can be significantly reduced than conventional ducts, so that a comfortable space is offered.


  • Due to the use of foamed sheet, weight reduction by 65% is possible compared with conventional solid sheets.
  • Heat insulating property is superior.
  • Noise from air-conditioners' air exit is reduced.

Cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet: expanded 10 times
Cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet: expanded 10 times

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