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Heat pipes

In response to such requirements as safety, security, comfort and energy-saving, computerization is being accelerated in the automotive sector, so that there is a need for heat-dissipating measures for electronic devices. Heat pipe is a thermal device to satisfy such a need.

Structure of heat pipe, a heat-conductive device utilizing latent heat
Structure of heat pipe, a heat-conductive device utilizing latent heat

The heat pipe is a tubular container in which a small amount of a liquid is sealed in a pressure reduced state. Once heat is inserted from a heat source to the heat pipe, the liquid evaporates by sucking the heat from the heat source. The heat is carried to the lower temperature side by pressure difference, and after the heat dissipation it returns to the liquid. The liquid comes back again to the heat source side by the capillary force of the wick. The heat pipe has the following feature. The equivalent thermal conductivity is as high as 5 times or more of a diamond. No external power is required for activation.
The heat response is high. No moving part is included.
More than 20 years of high reliability for semiconductor cooling is achieved.

When applying the heat pipe for cooling, a heat source such as a vehicle electric device or battery, even the heat source is arranged in the cooling difficult position; the heat pipe can effectively cool the heat source by transporting the heat to a free space. In the past, the heat pipe was adopted to the automotive junction box (a terminal protection box for terminals to connect, brunch or relay wires). We will continue to contribute significantly to the computerization of the future of the automobile.

Applications of heat pipe
Applications of heat pipe

Junction box for automobiles
Junction box for automobiles


  • Efficiently carries heat, high in thermal response
  • External power source not needed, has no moving parts
  • High reliability
  • Lengthwise equalized thermal distribution
  • The heating and cooling parts can be separated

Comparison of thermal conductivity
Comparison of thermal conductivity

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