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High-heat dissipating ECU box

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is used in automobiles to control the engine and air-conditioner, thereby playing an important role in environmental impact reduction and driving comfort upgrading. As new functions are implemented on automobiles in future, the number of ECUs will continue to increase to enhance these functions.

Hereafter, the ECUs will be required to be downsized due to the in-vehicle space limitations. Simultaneously, the number of ICs installed on ECUs will increase to effect advanced control, accompanied by increase in the amount of heat generated. Moreover, since ECU is a kind of micro computer, it generates considerable heat. Thus, the ECU temperature rises due to its decreased size and increased heat generation, making heat dissipation of ECUs difficult.

Taking advantage of thermal countermeasure technologies we have cultivated against highly heat-generating personal computers and home appliances, we have developed here an ECU box that incorporates heat pipe. The heat pipe efficiently dissipates heat of the ECU, suppressing temperature rises. It also demonstrates its power in eliminating heat spots that has a greater tendency to increase due to high-density heat generation. Employment of this heat-dissipating ECU will suppress thermorunaway of the ICs on ECU, contributing to improvement of reliability.

photo of High-heat dissipating ECU box
High-heat dissipating ECU box


  • Can efficiently cool ECUs
  • An aluminum ECU box with build-in heat pipes
  • Can cope with high-density mounting and high heat generation in ECUs
  • Heat pipe can quickly transfer heat to dissipate

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