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Expanding the Future of Humans and the Earth! Core Technologies for the Next-Generation Automobiles

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LED headlamp chillers

Since LEDs are low in power consumption, they are now widely used in automobiles as a backlight for instrument panels in the dashboard, and more recently, began to be used as a headlight of automobiles.

Since an LED is a point light source, however, there is concern that its service life and characteristics will deteriorate due to self-heat generation locally concentrated. We therefore propose, using the combination of high-performance heat pipe and heat sink, an advanced technology to suppress temperature rise of LEDs by quickly transfer and dissipate the heat generated by the element.

Heat pipe has a high degree of freedom in layout designing, and can be configured as desired in ramps of diversified design. Moreover, weight reduction is possible by using stacked heat sink, in which plates or partially bent plates are inserted to form fins, or caterpillar fin heat sink, in which fins are coupled up to form a caterpillar-like structure. Furthermore, by employing our unique product of hinged heat pipe, a rotating part can be added to a heat sink, making it adapted to AFS (Adaptive Front-Lighting System). Thus, heat pipe can efficiently cool LEDs, contributing to reliability improvement.

LED headlight
LED headlight

Rotatable heat sink
Rotatable heat sink


  • Can efficiently cool LEDs (Light Emitting Diode), improving reliability
  • Heat source can be separated from heat dissipating part
  • High degree of freedom in layout
  • Weight reduction is possible
  • Moving mechanism can be provided

photo of Heat sink

Heat sink
photo of Heat sink

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