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Battery chiller components

Hybrid vehicles (HEV) (PHEV), Electric vehicles (EV) and Fuel cell vehicles (FCV) are expected to grow more and more in the future as environment-friendly vehicles. The battery will be an energy source of these vehicles. In order to ensure the battery characteristics and life, appropriate temperature control is important.

We have been proposing the heat dissipation method to suppress temperature rise. The heat pipe is placed between the battery cells or beneath the module and the heat generated by the battery cells are quickly transported to the outside. Conversely, when the outside temperature is low, the battery is heated and the battery characteristics can be improved.

Through the use of the thin heat pipe that is our original technology, the effective usage of slight gaps between the cells or beneath the modules is available. In addition, the uniform temperature distribution is available by using the heat pipe, and then temperature variation between the cells is suppressed. Thus battery characteristics and life are ensured and this method contributes to reliability improvement.


  • Efficient cooling of battery
  • Uniform temperature distribution and longer life due to heat pipe
  • Heat source can be separated from heat dissipating part
  • Exterior power source is not needed

Heat pipe-based heat sink
Heat pipe-based heat sink

photo of Heat pipe-based heat sink

Surface temperature (K) and cross-sectional flow velocity (m/s)
Surface temperature (K) and cross-sectional flow velocity (m/s)

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