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Thermal design simulation technology

Recently, countermeasure against heat is becoming essential in the field of automobiles. Because heat is invisible to the naked eye, there is a tendency to rely on institution and experience. But it is almost impossible, by just blindly acting, to achieve the effects aimed at. For this reason, utilization of simulation technology becomes important to implement thermal countermeasures.

We have been utilizing simulation technology, in designing thermal countermeasures and heat dissipation, in every technological aspect of industrial fields including automotive, electronics, and communications. Also, taking advantage of our sophisticated thermal evaluation technologies, we always validate the accuracy of simulations in order to improve our analysis technology.

When it comes to cooling methods in general, diverse techniques are available using natural air flow, forced air flow, water flow, and thermal conduction. As for heat dissipating devices, they come in a variety of forms such as heat pipe and heat sink. We can provide, through advanced thermal design using simulations, optimum thermal designs and thermal solutions that suit the use environment.


  • Advanced thermal design using thermofluid simulation
  • Optimum solution selected from various thermal designs is offered
  • High-accuracy simulation technology backed up by advanced thermal evaluation technology

Fluid analysis
Fluid analysis

Thermal analysis
Thermal analysis

Examples of analysis
Examples of analysis

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