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Siloxane-free thermal conductive sheets

Heat-conductive sheet must offer high flexibility as well as high heat conductivity. We have realized, by applying the extrusion and rolling technology for insulation tapes we are good at, a flexible heat-conductive sheet while filling large amounts of heat-conductive filler.

It becomes possible to obtain superior heat-dissipating effects, by inserting the sheet between a heat-generating electronic device and heat sink. So the sheet is extensively employed in a variety of applications including TV game machine, video equipment, automotive equipment, audio instrument, communication equipment, electronic equipment accommodating HDD or DVD, and PDP (Plasma Display Panel), where thermal countermeasures are needed.

We also have a range of products that additionally provide, together with heat conductivity, heat diffusion, electromagnetic countermeasure, high heat resistance, flexibility, electrical insulation, and adhesiveness.

Open new window. “Commercialization of siloxane-free, high-performance heat conductive sheet (F-CO TM sheet V30) ” Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. Website.


  • Heat-dissipating effect
    The sheet is a composite material of heat-conductive filler and rubber elastomer, comes in close contact with heat-generating devices and heat sink exploiting its flexibility and adhesiveness, thereby achieving efficient heat dissipation.
  • Siloxane-free
    Although silicone rubber excels in flexibility and adhesiveness, it sometimes causes poor contact due to insulating substances that are produced by low-molecular weight siloxane contained in the rubber. Because EFCO TM Sheet does not contain silicone rubber for its raw material, there is no problem.
  • Halogen-free/lead-free
    It is an environment-friendly material not containing halogens, chlorofluorocarbons, lead, or cadmium.
  • Compliant with RoHS Directive
    It complies with the RoHS Directive, containing no hazardous substances.
  • UL94 acquired
    It has achieved superior flame retardance, and has acquired the accreditation of UL regulations.

photo of EFCO TM Sheet

Application example
Application example

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