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Expanding the Future of Humans and the Earth! Core Technologies for the Next-Generation Automobiles

Interesting “Technology world”


Not only engines! Technologies that support next-generation automobiles

What the accumulation of outstanding material technology creates

The Furukawa Electric Group develops and manufactures various products centering on the material technologies of “optics”, “metals”, and “plastics”. Based on such material technologies, we integrate various materials and precisely process these materials, in order to supply advanced technologies and new products to our customers including high-performance raw materials and highly-functional new products.

In automotive products, we address development of various technologies to preserve the environment for the next generations.

Technologies supporting next-generation automobilesTechnologies supporting next-generation automobiles

Improvement of fuel consumption and reduction of CO2 emission

  • Through the metal composition development technology and the molding processing technology the high conductivity and high strength aluminum harness-wire has been achieved.
  • Technology for fine foam plastic provides a light weight and high strength material made of the foamed plastic.
  • The excellent heat radiation design and the effective heat radiation products are provided.

Performance upgrading of HV and EV

  • Battery technology, backed up by lead-acid battery significantly improves battery performance, has created Ultra Battery and battery management system, accelerating development with next-generation lithium-ion battery in view.
  • The resin compound design technology combined with small wire technology has realized magnet wire of fine size and high reliability, achieving downsizing of alternator (generator).
  • Heat-controlling technology that integrates heat pipes and heat-conductive sheets offers total thermal solutions.
  • Our copper foil with superior flexibility and surface smoothness has, contributing to output increase and performance upgrading of lithium-ion battery, enjoys the world's top share in automotive sectors.
  • Thick copper foil, with superior adhesion with resin substrates and high heat resistance, is best suited for substrate applications.

Safety and useful

  • The combination of material technology, precise machining technology, and simulation technology has realized high-performance automotive communication system using a compact, high-performance antenna, to which greater expectations are being placed as a sensor for automobile safety precautions using an UWB RF radar.
  • The environment-compatible material, an achievement of company-wide promotion program, has realized elimination of halogens.

The Furukawa Electric Group considers that next-generation automobiles should contribute to solving the energy problems in the transportation sectors and the global environmental issues, and the keyword to be successful over there is “improvement of fuel consumption and reduction of CO2 emission”, “performance upgrading of driving system components”, and “provision of high safety and useful”. Accordingly, the Group is striving to contribute to widespread use of next-generation automobiles through the development of various automotive components.



3F Interesting “Technology world”
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  • 02 superconductivity cable
  • 03 Next-Generation Automobiles
  • 04 Smart Grid
  • 05 High-Capacity Optical Communication
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