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Power cables (transmission cable and distribution cable) and system

These cables realize the construction of stabilized power transmission and distribution networks, as well as grid connection with dispersed power sources such as solar power generation. Typical cables are shown below:

Power transmission cable 66kV~500 kV XLPE cables
Power distribution cable 600 V~ 33 kV XLPE cables
Insulated wire 6.6 kV~ 33 kV outdoor cross-linked polyethylene insulated (OC) wires


We provide various products covering ultra-high voltage XLPE cables with outstanding electrical characteristics through power distribution cables and systems with high reliability, contributing to the stabilized supply of electricity from power stations to customers. Taking advantage of excellent technologies proprietarily developed, we manufacture ultra-high voltage XLPE cables provided with "ultra-super clean insulation", which have outstanding electrical characteristics. We also contribute to the construction of power distribution network systems which supply electricity to every homes, offices, factories and medical institutions.

Various power cables
Various power cables

6.6-kV outdoor cross-linked polyethylene insulated (OC) wire
6.6-kV outdoor cross-linked polyethylene insulated (OC) wire

Typical structure of XLPE cable

Large-capacity underground power transmission line

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