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Optical fiber cables and optical communication systems

In the smart grid, it is necessary to gather the electric power information, smart meter information and customer information in real time, and perform bi-directional data communications.
The Furukawa Electric Group provides optical transmission equipment and systems that realize high-speed transmission and high-bit rate data communications. Typical products are shown below:

Ribbon-in-slot type optical fiber cable Fiber ribbons are accommodated in the grooves of a slotted core. Reduced cable diameter and maximized fiber count make the cable suitable for trunk lines to be installed in underground ducts.
Drop type optical fiber cable Small-sized aerial cable suitable for feeding-in into premises in FTTH implementation.
Erbium-doped optical fiber amplifier Optical signals are directly amplified, realizing high-capacity, high-speed, long-haul optical transmission systems easily and inexpensively.


In this era of Internet, we provide a broad range of product covering optical fibers that realize high-capacity, high-speed, long-haul optical communication systems through optical devices and system solutions. We also provide non-zero dispersion shifted fibers for large-capacity WDM transmission systems and long-distance networks such as metro and local networks, along with various FTTH systems that deliver, by merging an optical fiber network with wireless transmission and broadcasting relay systems, the broadcast (video) and data communications to every home.

Ribbon-in-slot type optical fiber cable
Ribbon-in-slot type optical fiber cable

Drop type optical fiber cable
Drop type optical fiber cable

Erbium-doped optical fiber amplifier
Erbium-doped optical fiber amplifier

Schematic of optical network solution
Schematic of optical network solution

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