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Superconductive power cables

In a superconducting power cable, a superconducting conductor that reaches superconductivity of zero electric resistance below a specific low temperature is used, allowing low-loss transmission of large currents. In particular, great expectations as a highly efficient power transmission cable are placed on the yttrium-based superconducting power cable we are developing, since the cable can significantly reduce the power transmission loss over the cable.

Considering that the high-temperature superconducting cable is a power transmission line capable of efficiently reducing CO2 emissions in the smart grid projects, constituting the core of next-generation electric power grid that is environment friendly, we are proceeding with its development aiming at early practical applications. Part of the development program of yttrium-based superconducting power cable is being promoted under the NEDO's program of "Technology Development of Yttrium-based Superconducting Power Equipment".

High-temperature superconducting power cable
High-temperature superconducting power cable


The yttrium-based high-temperature superconducting cable can considerably reduce the power loss over the cable. While, with copper cables currently in use, approximately 5% of electricity is lost on the way from power station to the destination, transmission loss can be noticeably reduced using superconducting cables because electric resistance virtually disappears in a superconductive state.

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