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Compact, high-performance antennae

In the smart grid, where the generation, distribution, storage and consumption of electric power is controlled in a distributed manner, utilization of wireless communications is indispensable for connecting equipment to infrastructure and equipment to equipment. It is planned that, in the case of electric vehicles for example, exhaustive information on battery conditions and charging infrastructures are shared to realize an optimized charging environment, and when it comes to domestic affairs, all home appliances are linked with a wireless network, thereby enabling maximized management of power consumption. The Furukawa Electric Group provides a broad spectrum of antenna products covering compact antennas for mobile terminals and array antennas for base stations, intending to respond to any smart grid requirements from customers.


  • We provide compact, high-performance antennas.
  • We respond to various requirements, including antenna assemblies with a lead cable and antenna elements for equipment built-in applications.

ETC antenna assembly
ETC antenna assembly
・5.8-GHz band

Bluetooth chip antenna
Bluetooth chip antenna
・2.45-GHz band

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