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Copper foil for negative electrode of lithium-ion secondary battery, NC-WS Foil

This copper foil is adopted to consumer use batteries for smart phone etc. and to automotive batteries for xEV etc. as electrolytic copper foil for negative electrode current collectors in lithium ion secondary batteries. Especially in the field of automotive battery, we are proud of excellent adoption experiences.

This copper foil is excellent in balance between strength and flexibility, and possible to follow the expansion and shrinkage of the electrode material in charging and discharging, therefore hard to break. The copper foil contributes to the longer life of batteries.

I addition the copper foil is excellent in smoothness and less variation in the foil thickness, then an active material thickness, that gives influence to battery output power characteristic, can be controlled to be uniform. Therefore, the copper foil is highly evaluated by automotive battery manufacturers as the negative electrode material for high output battery used to HEV and for High capacity battery used to EV.


  • Excellent in balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Excellent in smoothness.
  • Excellent in heat resistance.
  • Less variability in the foil thickness.

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