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Floating body type riser cable for electric power generation

As our country is surrounded by the sea, potential for ocean energy is high and the floating body type electric power generation is future promised. In case of the floating body type electric power generation, such as offshore wind power generation and wave power, ocean current power generation, power cables drifts in the sea, and its life is extremely shortened by receiving swings continuously. Riser cable, adopting a strong structure to swinging, realizes the same life as floating body and is the ideal item for the floating body type.

For the actual application of the riser cable, ocean organic conditions, the floating body swinging conditions and the cable specification shall be comprehensively simulated. Then an underwater shape is decided and reliable construction is necessary. These excellent technologies are required. Furukawa Electric group is available to the material engineering bulk construction of the riser cable system.

Our excellent technology was admitted and our riser cable system has been in operation in the Fukushima floating body demonstration.

Power transmission system for offshore wind power generation


In general, cable life time is extremely shortened by always receiving waves, tides and swings of the floating body. However, the riser cable reduces the degradation of the cable by adopting a strong structure to swing.

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