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Provide a peace of mind High-Capacity Optical Communications (Next-Generation Communication Network)

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AllWave Zero-water peak fiber

The performance of AllWave Zero-Water-Peak fiber meets, and far exceeds, the international standard ITU-G.652.D. Zero-Water-Peak means that the absorption peak of transmission loss at 1383-nm wavelength caused by the hydroxyl present in the fiber is almost zero. This fact realizes an extremely low as well as smooth transmission loss versus wavelength characteristics over a broad wavelength range from 1260nm to 1625nm.
Moreover, whereas this absorption peak in conventional optical fibers tends to grow over time, AllWave Zero-Water-Peak fiber shows virtually no changes for more than 20 years--the period of service of ordinary optical fibers, because the fiber has maximally reduced the hydrogen-reactive defects in the glass.
Furthermore, since the manufacturing method based on our patented technology has extremely reduced and stabilized its polarization mode dispersion, the fiber is applicable to the long-haul high-capacity transmission using next-generation transmission technology of 100 Gbps. Thus AllWave Zero-Water-Peak fiber makes future system upgrading easier, realizing a transmission line of long-term reliability in multi-wavelength transmissions such as CWDM.

AllWave Zero-Water-Peak Fiber
AllWave Zero-Water-Peak Fiber


  • A new standard of single-mode optical fibers, providing wide wavelength band and long-term reliability.

Transmission loss and dispersion

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