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Provide a peace of mind High-Capacity Optical Communications (Next-Generation Communication Network)

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TrueWave REACH Low-Water-Peak fiber

TrueWave REACH Low-Water-Peak fiber has been developed in response to requirements for further wavelength band expansion, speed enhancement and distance upgrading in DWDM systems. It is a wideband nonzero dispersion shift fiber (NZ-DSF) that meets the international standard of ITU-T G.655.C, G.655.E and G.656. It is optimally designed to suit the optically amplified system of today that continues to grow in speed and capacity.

  • Expansion of usable wavelength band
    It provides the lowest wavelength dispersion slope among commercially available NZ-DSFs, holding the appropriate wavelength dispersion suitable for the DWDM transmission in the S- as well as C- and L-band, and suppresses nonlinearity due to four-wave mixing. It also allows simple and cost-effective dispersion compensation using a commercially available dispersion compensation module RightWave, making its application to further high-speed transmission possible.
  • Optimum Raman gain coefficient
    The effective cross-section (Aeff) of the fiber is optimized to obtain a high Raman gain coefficient. Simultaneously, the zero-dispersion wavelength is designed to lie at 1405 nm or lower, thus suppressing the four-wave mixing (FWM) of the Raman pumping light with the transmitted light signals. Moreover, the absorption peak around 1383 nm has been reduced to achieve low-water-peak characteristics, so that the Raman exciting light in the neighborhood of this wavelength can be effectively utilized.
  • Reduction and stabilization of PMD
    The polarization mode dispersion (PMD) has been specified to be far lower than the ITU-T's minimum requirement. It achieves stabilized PMD characteristics against the environmental changes after optical cable installation, making it compatible with upgrading to high-speed systems in the future.


  • Ideal for long-haul high-capacity DWDM optical communication systems.
  • Ultimate model of non-zero-dispersion optical fibers suitable for Raman amplification.

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