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Provide a peace of mind High-Capacity Optical Communications (Next-Generation Communication Network)

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LaserWave 550/300 multimode optical fiber

Conventional multimode optical fibers can transmit 10-Gbps signals for about 100 m at most. LaserWave multimode optical fiber is the first optical fiber that has expanded the transmission distance of 10-Gbps serial transmission to 550 m, using an inexpensive 850-nm VCSEL transceiver. Multimode optical fiber-based systems are generally used as a low-cost transmission system where the costs of transceivers, connectors and cable terminations can be suppressed. Use of LaserWave multimode optical fiber leads to the benefits of low initial costs, allowing for upgrading to 10-Gbps systems without newly installing a cable.
Such superior performance has resulted from the technological achievements in that the MCVD method is used to precisely control the fiber characteristics to reduce the mode delay time difference to almost zero, thereby achieving--in terms of the equivalent band--4700 MHz・km at 10-Gbps 300-m transmission, which is more than two times larger than the IEEE requirement. Moreover, its performance is superior to OM4/OM3--a multimode optical fiber transmission line standard specified in IEEE 802.3, so that the fiber is applicable to 40-Gbps and 100-Gbps transmissions in the near future, as well as to 10-Gbps transmission. The fiber's core diameter is 50 μm--an industry standard, and the fiber is fully compatible with conventional multimode optical fibers including the workability with connectors.


  • High-performance multimode optical fiber ideal for 10-Gbps transmission systems using a laser light source.
  • An allowable minimum bending radius of 15 mm has been realized.
  • A multimode optical fiber with superior workability and space saving property.
  • Highly compatible with conventional multimode optical fibers.

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