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Provide a peace of mind High-Capacity Optical Communications (Next-Generation Communication Network)

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FlexiWave single-mode optical fiber

The transmission loss of conventional optical fibers increases, when the fiber is bent below 30 mm in radius, as the bending radius becomes smaller. Consequently, in wiring in equipment and termination boxes, it has been necessary to ensure a bending radius larger than 30 mm. FlexiWave is a single-mode optical fiber that has reduced its allowable minimum bending radius to 15 mm. With its decreased bending radius limitations, the fiber can reduce the wiring space about one quarter in area the conventional, contributing to the downsizing of equipment and termination boxes. It also achieves workability improvement and space saving during cable lead-in works and indoor cabling at FTTH implementation. The fiber has superior compatibility with conventional single-mode fibers, making possible the extension of general purpose single-mode fibers already installed.

FlexiWave single-mode optical fiber
FlexiWave single-mode optical fiber


  • An allowable minimum bending radius of 15 mm has been realized.
  • A single-mode fiber with superior workability and space saving property.
  • High compatibility with conventional single-mode fibers.

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