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Provide a peace of mind High-Capacity Optical Communications (Next-Generation Communication Network)

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Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA)

Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA)

ITLA mounts a laser module to cover C wave band (from 1530 to 1565 nm) and L wave band (1565 to 1625 nm) on the electric substance. A tunable (wavelength tunable) laser is used to cover efficiently. Its dimensions, interfaces such as electrical connectors and transmission protocol are standardized by Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF; an industry association), and methods to control laser channel and output are unified.


Furukawa Electric adopts DFB array type tunable laser. By designating the wavelength, after selecting the appropriate DFB, the light of the designated wavelength is output by adjusting the laser temperature.

For the larger capacity/higher transmission speed, we are investigating to miniaturize the laser modules and the substances. We are also promoting electric power saving as a measurement of heat induced by the high density mounting.

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