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Provide a peace of mind High-Capacity Optical Communications (Next-Generation Communication Network)

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Optical fiber connectors for high-density wiring and transmission

Since optical signal transmission has a number of advantages such as high-speed and high-capacity communications, electromagnetic immunity and space-saving wiring, its application to replace various electric signal transmissions is under study. Recently, for example, the data volume on networks is rapidly increasing due to the delivery of motion pictures, leading to an increase in the numbers of routers and data centers. This has result in an increase in the number of servers together with the volume and complexity of wiring, so that the use of light for signal transmission is expanding. In super-computers, use of optical transmission in chip-to-chip and board-to-board wiring is under study in order to further increase the speed. Refer to the schematic illustration below. With respect to the application of surface emitting devices which is currently under study aiming at power saving, the output light vertically emitted must be bent at a right angle for wiring in order to increase the layered density of the mounting circuit board. Diversified high-density optical connecting components are needed for such high-density wiring. Furukawa Electric has developed a number of connectors for high-density wiring, thus contributing to space saving.


  • Wiring density improvement using general-purpose fibers and connectors (MPO).
  • Wiring density improvement and degree of freedom enhancement using a small diameter (φ80 μm) fiber and new connectors.
  • Vertically emitted light is bent at a right angle to increase the degree of freedom in wiring.


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