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Connecting products

Photo of Connecting products

Fields Products
Matrial for the terminals Tubular rubber terminal materials / rubber stressed conical terminal materials / salt-resistant terminal materials / heat-shrinkable cable connection materials
Open New Window.Connecting materials(Open New Window.Go to Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd.) High-voltage cable connection materials / low-voltage cable connection materials
Tapes for isolation and protection Self-fusing insulation tape / conductive tapes / protection tapes

Power transmission products

Photo of Bus ways products

Fields Products
Conductor material Bus ways / insulated trolley wires
Open New Window.Branch cables(Open New Window.Go to Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd.) Harness cables for buildings and tunnels

Cable accessories

Photo of Cable accessories

Fields Products
Flexible conduit Corrugated pipe in underground cable installation“EFLEX” / outdoor cable protection pipes / pipes for indoor wiring
Cable trough Recycled plastic troughs“GREEN TROUGH”

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