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Fiber Holders

The Fiber Holders are designed for fast, high precision loading of single and ribbon fiber for stripping, cleaving and splicing. These easy-to-use holders are sold in pairs and are designed for use with all of FITEL's high precision splicers.
The Fiber Holders will accommodate a wide range of fiber types from single fiber and ribbon fiber of varying diameters and counts.

S712 fiber holders
S712 fiber holders
Modes & Specifications
Model No. Fiber Type Applicable product
S709S-250 0.25mm single fiber S122 Fusion Splicer series
S709S-500 0.50mm single fiber
S709S-900 0.90mm single fiber
S709A-002 2-fiber ribbon
S709A-004 4-fiber ribbon
S709A-008 8-fiber ribbon
S709A-012 12-fiber ribbon
S709M-500 0.50mm single fiber (4-fiber array)
S712S-160 0.16mm single fiber S153A Fusion Splicer
S178A Fusion Splicer
S712S-250 0.25mm single fiber S123 Fusion Splicer series
S153A Fusion Splicer
S178A Fusion Splicer
S712S-500 0.50mm single fiber
S712S-900 0.90mm single fiber
S712A-002 2-fiber ribbon S123 Fusion Splicer series
S712A-004 4-fiber ribbon
S712A-008 8-fiber ribbon
S712A-012 12-fiber ribbon
S712M-500 0.50mm single fiber (4-fiber array)

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