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V-Groove Unit For Fiber Measurement

Temporary Single Fiber Aligner

Designed as a jig for temporary jointing Multimode fibers for measuring a transmission loss or some experimental purpose. A simple procedure to strip, clean, cleave and load the fiber makes a temporary jointing with a typical loss lower than 0.15dB (with MM fiber and when matching oil used).

Temporary Single Fiber Aligner
Modes & Specifications
Model No. Dia. Of which applicable Fibers Quantity
S911 0.9mm to 0.9mm 1
S912 0.9mm to 0.4mm 1
S913 0.4mm to 0.4mm 1
S914 0.4mm to 0.25mm 1
S915 0.25mm to 0.25mm 1
S916 0.25mm to 0.9mm 1

Dimensions 50W x 55D x 33H [mm] (excluding thumbscrews)
Weight 350grams

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