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Furukawa Review No.18

Elastic/Crystalline Viscoplastic Finite Element Analysis of the Deep Drawing Process, Taking Account of Texture Structure

Hideo Morimoto, Eiji Nakamachi


Earing is a phenomenon that is characteristic of deep drawing, the most commonly used method for the press forming of thin sheet, and is caused by the anisotropy of the material. This gives importance to techniques for controlling the texture structure by taking account of this anisotropy to. In this way the properties of the material are used to best advantage and adverse effects are reduced. The means increasingly used to accomplish this is finite element analysis.
In the present work, the authors have developed a method of elastic/crystalline viscoplastic finite element analysis which directly applies crystalline plasticity theory to the deep drawing of aluminum alloys.
Models were constructed, and different crystal orientations were introduced to investigate the relationship between deformation and texture structure, yielding appropriate analytical results that agreed with inferences based on tensile tests of the materials.

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