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Furukawa Review No.19

Dispersion-Managed Transmission Lines with Reverse-Dispersion Fiber

Kazunori Mukasa, Ryuichi Sugizaki, Shuhei Hayami, Satoru Ise


As a new-generation means to enable large-capacity wavelength division multiplexed transmission over long distances, Furukawa Electric has proposed links consisting of a combination of conventional single-mode fibers (SMF) and reverse-dispersion fibers (RDF). By optimizing the refractive index profile, it has been possible to produce RDFs that give substantially flat dispersion over a wide range of wavelengths, while maintaining low nonlinearity, low loss and low polarization mode dispersion (PMD). It has also been possible to fabricate a submarine unit of the currently-used tight-buffering type, and to confirm its satisfactory performance.

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