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Furukawa Review No.19

Demonstration of Broadband Raman Amplifiers: a Promising Application of High-power Pumping Unit

Yoshihiro Emori, Shu Namiki


A high-power pumping unit with a total optical output power of 2.2 W has been developed by connecting a fiber Bragg grating to a pumping laser diode, constricting and stabilizing the lasing wavelength, and performing wavelength-division multiplexing for 12 wavelength channels between 1405 and 1510 nm, with a Mach-Zehnder interferometer made with silica-based planar lightwave circuitry. Using this pumping unit, Raman amplification tests were carried out using three types of transmission link fibers --25-km single mode fiber (SMF), 25-km dispersion shifted fiber (DSF) and 20-km reverse dispersion fiber (RDF)-- as the Raman amplification medium. At an average gain of 2 dB for SMF and 6.5 dB for DSF and RDF, amplification characteristics of ±0.5 dB gain deviation over a 1520- to 1620-nm band were achieved.

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