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Furukawa Review No.19

Supply of Dry Type Terminations for 275-kV XLPE Cables

Kiyomi Adachi, Yasuo Torai, Shunsuke Abe, Shin-ichi Fukano


Conventionally, an oil-immersed type termination has been generally used for 275-kV XLPE cables, but because of the use of oil, thoroughgoing review has been requested from viewpoints of maintenance problems and installation. As the research on composite prefabricated insulation advances, actual applications at super-high voltage have increased, and the reliability has been improved, a completely dry type termination free of insulation oil has been developed and applied to the actual lines of Tokyo Electric Power Company.
With this technique applied, an inverted termination that can reduce the size of substation facilities was developed, and was applied to the actual lines of the Kansai Electric Power Company. In this line, a semiconductive-layer shaver of lightweight and high-performance was developed achieving --ahead of other companies--smooth and high-performance cable treatment in the vertical direction.

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