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Furukawa Review No.20

1.3µm Laser Array on p-type Substrate Using Selective Oxidation of AlInAs

Norihiro Iwai, Toshikazu Mukaihara, Nobumitsu Yamanaka, Mitsumasa Ito, Satoshi Arakawa, Hitoshi Shimizu, Akihiko Kasukawa


1.3μm Al-oxide confined inner stripe (ACIS) lasers and laser arrays on a p-InP substrate using the AlInAs-oxide layer have been demonstrated for low-cost parallel data transmission. First, we investigated the oxidation rate of the AlXIn1-XAs layer grown on InP substrate. The optimum conditions were found to be oxidation temperature = 500°C, layer thickness = 100 nm, and Al-contents = 0.48 (lattice-match) taking oxidation rate and surface morphology into account. The 50nm-thick Al0.48In0.52As-oxide layer provides good current blocking for laser applications. Based on the above investigations, an ACIS laser fabricated on a p-InP substrate shows a low threshold current of 4.0 mA and a high slope efficiency of 0.6 W/A. We have also confirmed high reliability for an operating time of over 10,000 hours at 85°C, 5 mW. A 22-channel laser array consisting of an ACIS structure has an average threshold current of 3.98 mA and a standard deviation of 0.42 mA. These results indicate that ACIS lasers or laser arrays are promising candidates for low-cost optical data links.

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