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Furukawa Review No.20

Gain-Flattening Filters with Autonomous Temperature Stabilization of EDFA Gain

You Mimura, Kazuyou Mizuno, Syu Namiki, Yoshio Tashiro, Yoshihiro Emori, Mariko Miyazawa, Toshiaki Tsuda, Kazuhiko Nishiyama, Yasuo Uemura, Toshihiko Ohta


With the steadily increasing demand for fiber-optic communications, hope is more and more being placed in the method known as wavelength division multiplexing, or WDM. The key device supporting WDM technology is the erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), and such amplifiers need to have a flat gain spectrum. A problem arises, however, in the fact that the loss profile and gain spectra of erbium-doped fiber are temperature dependent, resulting in temperature-dependent changes in the EDFA gain spectra. The authors took note of long-period fiber gratings having a large wavelength shift temperature dependence, and have combined the grating with a conventional gain-flattening filter (GFF) in a compound GFF that provides stabilization of EDFA gain spectra over a wide range of temperatures.

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