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Furukawa Review No.20

Development of Optical Fiber Cables for Access Networks

Masanori Hattori, Fumiki Hosoi, Tetsuya Yasutomi, Eiji Konda, Ichiro Kobayashi, Ryuji Takaoka, Daisuke Iwakura


In an effort to promote implementation of FTTH (Fiber To The Home), the authors have been developing optical fiber cables for access networks. The development at this time includes: 1) Optical fiber cables and terminations that help improve the installation efficiency by enabling multi-cable laying, 2) Low-cost cables that permit one-step manufacturing after fiber ribbon, and 3) Flame-retardant optical fiber cables with environment-friendliness. The development program thus provided the optical fiber cables that had been developed three years ago with additional improvements in terms of cost and function. It can be said, as the result, early implementation of FTTH has been promoted.

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