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Furukawa Review No.21

Development of IP Network System for Electric Power Using Cable Modems

Osamu Usami , Kouichi Kamimura , Katsuji Ito , Tetsuya Kugizaki , Hiroyasu Hayakawa , Nobuya Shinoda , Masashi Tabara , Kazutaka Shimoosako , Tomohiro Arasawa , Takeshi Kawaguchi , Motoharu Tanaka


We developed an IP network system for power line customers to operate in the year 2000. The main objects of developing this IP system are an amazing system price reduction compared to the growingly popular 1:1 transmission system, and also a variety of applications for individual customers with customer security assurance.
The main scheme of this optical system adopts branches of the 8x4 passive double star optical system. To develop speed and cost efficiency, we selected a mass produced cable modem, which accepts IP and ATM controlling protocols that can be used for PDS optical networks.
Another important aim is to assure a channel capacity with high Quality of Service (QoS) to transport customer data with sufficient reliability.
Since this system started operation customer numbers have gradually increased, and the system has demonstrated its design efficiency and cost performance. The skeleton and the structure of the system and the equipment are described below.

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