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Furukawa Review No.22

Development of Anti-static UV-tapes for Semiconductor Processing

Yasumasa Morishima, Shin-ichi Ishiwata, Hiromitsu Maruyama, Hidefumi Miyagi, Yoshihisa Kanou and Tsuneo Aoi


In accordance with the increase in semiconductor products that are sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) problems, operating problems and additional product defects due to ESD are becoming serious problems in semiconductor processing. As well as higher quality and higher performance, anti-static properties are required of UV-tapes used in dicing and back-grinding processes.
In general, UV-tapes are easy to charge at voltages up to around 10 kV in the peeling process from liner film. Because the surface voltage on UV-tape usually decays very slowly, the probability of additional product defects due to ESD are very high in the following manufacturing process. The anti-static UV-tapes we have developed show the high performance of conventional UV-tape, and also have highly efficient anti-static properties such as a lower static charge voltage of below 0.01 kV and faster surface voltage decay of less than a second, which were measured by a static-honest meter.

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