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Furukawa Review No.23

Development of a High-Precision DOP Measuring Instrument

Tatsuya Hatano, Takeshi Takagi, Kazuhiro Ikeda and Hiroshi Matsuura


In response to the need for higher speed and greater capacity in optical communication, studies are being carried out on high-speed digital transmission technologies, but at rates of 40 Gbps specifically, the deterioration in transmission characteristics due to the effect of polarization mode dispersion (PMD) has led to a need for PMD compensators. It is known that the amount of PMD and the degree of polarization (DOP) are interrelated, so that it is possible to compensate for PMD by monitoring the DOP of the signal light. Accordingly, in an effort to devise a PMD monitor for PMD compensators, we have developed a high-precision DOP measuring instrument that is low in cost and accommodated in a compact package. This paper reports on the results obtained by producing a prototype of this instrument.

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