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Furukawa Review No.23

Development of a Metal-Core Wiring Board J/B for Vehicles

Jutaro Mukai, Mitsuo Tanaka, Hirokazu Kakuta, Toshitaka Hara, Shin'ichi Kawasaki, Hisao Honma, Kazuyuki Moriyama, Hideki Nakazato, Hirokazu Takewaki and Keiji Mashimo


Toyota's Land Cruiser is positioned in the firm as one of the Lexus brands, so that a drastic equipment upgrading was carried out --although it was defined as a minor change-- in the model change the car underwent in August 2002.
With regard to the junction block (hereafter denoted as J/B), the requirement for installation space inevitably became much more stringent due to the dilemma of increased electrical components and in-vehicle livability. To solve this problem, the authors have developed, through realization of high-density components mounting, an innovative J/B with a metal-core wiring board that can be installed in a space equivalent to the conventional. This report describes the development.
It is believed that this development will contribute to solving the problem of installation space that is expected to grow in severity in future.

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